On page 3, it was stated that a UCR specimen of Calyptocarpus vialis collected in 1989 from the UCR Botanical Garden in Riverside was a cultivated plant.  An email from Dr. A. Sanders (17 June 2011), however, has noted that the plant was indeed adventive, not cultivated, when it was collected.      


"The California record at the UCR Botanical Garden is of a weed, not a cultivated plant.  Our database record (from the early days of our db effort) was defective and lacked the plant specific notes and so didn't make the weedy status clear.  The species was never cultivated here and no one knows where it came from.  ...  Here are the notes previously missing from the UCR db: 'Uncommon annual weed in moist soil beside the door to the greenhouse.  Fls. yellow.'  I've just corrected the db.   


All that said, the species has not persisted here, to my knowledge.  It was in the BG for several years, but either the climate or the gardeners seem to have finally killed it all off.  I've not seen it around in at least 10 years."