Notes on liriopogons. Informal addendeum to

Nesom, G.L. 2010. Overview of Liriope and Ophiopogon (Ruscaceae) commonly cultivated and naturalized in the USA. Phytoneuron 2010-56: 131.


* Limited observations in Fort Worth suggest that leaves of Liriope species are annual, completely senescing and replaced by a new set in the spring. Leaves of Ophiopogon persist into the next season, being joined by a new set added in the spring.


* All species of Liriope appear to be cold hardy in Fort Worth, even after the particularly cold weather of 2010. Ophiopogon intermedius was winter-killed in Fort Worth and in Austin. Ophiopogon japonicus and Oph. planiscapus are cold hardy.


* Contrary to my observation (2010, p. 13) that Liriope gigantea appeared to be completely sterile, some plants observed on the UT-Austin campus (early spring 2011) did produce a small number of fruits.


Guy Nesom

May 2011