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First report of Euonymus fortunei
  naturalized in Texas
1. Close-up of the creeping form of the plant, arising here from numerous interlacing stems.
2. Buds 3-5 mm long, from creeping stems (left); buds 10-11 mm long, from aerial stems (right).
3. Aerial roots (left) and internodal adventitious roots (right) of creeping stems.
4. Aerial stems of Euonymus fortunei growing up the trunk of an elm tree, mixed with Hedera helix.
5. (above) and 6. (left): edge of the population. 
7. Locality in Overton Park, showing the extent of the whole euonymus population, which completely covers the inside of the thicket and extends out along the mowed margins and toward the left for another 30 feet on the embankment. 
Photos, 5 Jan 2010, Guy Nesom