Phytoneuron 2014 Summary


            The online journal Phytoneuron (; ISSN 2153 733X) was begun in January 2010.  It publishes studies of taxonomy, floristics, and geographic distribution of plants from North America (including Mexico), Central America, and the West Indies.  Publication is at no cost to contributors and all papers are completely open-access.


            All Phytoneuron publications are available through the journal website.  All also are archived and available through the Botanicus Digital Library (, the whole set mirrored in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (  Articles are characteristically indexed and locatable through a Google search within a single day of being posted. 


            Through the end of 2014, at the end of its fifth year, a total of 447 manuscripts have been published in Phytoneuron.  57 papers were published in 2010, 65 in 2011, 114 in 2012, 99 in 2013, and 113 in 2014.  In 2014, 1391 pages from 38 authors were published. 


            For 2014, a total of 23,472 visits (from 121 countries) to the journal website were recorded.  Articles were read and/or downloaded a total of 39,168 times.  The total number of visits increased from 2014 by 35% and the number of articles read and/or downloaded increased by 30%.